Lake Czorsztyńskie
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    The Lake Czorsztyńskie is about 10 km2 large and together with the lake Sromowske it arose as a result of constructing a dam at the Dunajec river, between the castles Czorestyn and Niedzica. The water-dam was finished in 1997, and the same year it managed to retain the floodwater during the big spate which would probably flooded the villages lying below the current dam. The height of the dam wall is 56 m and the dam has 2 turbines. The output power of the power-plant is 90 MW.
    On the lakes there are centres for recreation where you can borrow ships with oars, water bicycles and yachts with steersman. You can also take a cruise on a sight-seeing ship (the harbour is near the castle Niedzica) and visit the regional ethnographic museum in the castle Niedzica. In winter, you can ski on nearby slopes or surf on frozen ice.

Jezioro Czorsztyńskie a hrad Niedzica



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